4 Ways to Deal With Difficult Neighbors

Nothing can ruin a good deal or the peace and quiet of your new dream home like difficult neighbors. Luckily, for Colorado home buyers and sellers, real estate agents are armed with several tactics to handle the toughest neighborly challenges. We wanted to know, what are the best ways you’ve found to manage difficult neighbors?

Kill them with Kindness

In the past, the “kill them with kindness” approach has been highly successful. Though challenging to overcome, difficult neighbors have positively reacted to freshly baked cookies, a shoveled driveway on a snowy day, or a personal invite to the neighborhood BBQ to name three examples. A little kindness can go a long way! Then, when specific actions need to be addressed, like an incessant barking dog, unkempt yard, or other annoyance, the relationship is already in a better place and challenges can be overcome more easily.

Hadley Ott

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Tell the Truth

Depends on what the neighbors are doing. We will be telling any prospective Buyers the truth, so any gossip will be debunked. If the neighbors are obnoxious and noisy, the client must use the local authorities to help.

Bill and Carolyn Rapp

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – DTC Office


Resolve Quickly

I never give a client legal advice, but usually the best answer is the one that resolves the problem at the lowest level with the least amount of cost.

Jay Holland

Company RE/MAX Masters


Pepper to Dissuade Dogs

Unfortunately, the “difficult neighbor” was probably my client. The neighbor’s dog would sometimes pee in my client’s lawn so instead of having WWIII between him and his neighbor, I bought some pepper and sprinkled it around my client’s lawn to curb that dog.

Katie Coleman

RE/MAX Alliance



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