4 Surprising Quirky Home Requests

There are certainly many quirky homes out there and, naturally, an equal number of quirky requests. Sometimes just finding your dream home isn’t enough. We asked our real estate professionals about the quirkiest requests they received when buying or selling a home.


Pam & Brian wanted to feel at home, and would bring their slippers for showings. So, I started wearing my slippers too when we viewed houses. It was a little different, but as it was wintertime, it was also very warm and toasty.

Bob Gordon

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services



Space for a large model train setup

Nina Kuhl

Cherry Creek Properties LLC



Wanting to purchase without a Lender Letter. Another one was they wanted Sellers to re level a sink by 1/8 of an inch

Valerie Agnew

Coldwell Banker



commission kickbacks, can I submit several offers to different properties at once

Danny Rubio

Pemco Realty



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photo: houstonchronicle.com